Hormone Testing & Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Through careful consultation and extensive hormone testing at our medical practice, your underlying hormone deficiency is identified. Once identified, the proper treatment can be customized for you using natural, bio-identical hormones. All of the hormones in the body are designed to work together. If one is disrupted, it can affect all of your other hormones.

Hormone Testing

It is important that all of your hormones are assessed to determine where the deficiency is. Testing is individualized and may include testing of blood, saliva, and urine.


Signature Hormones by Dr. Arnold provides consultations and testing for female clients that are suffering with symptoms caused by hormone imbalance. There are many such symptoms. Some of the more common ones are:

  • Hot Flashes 
  • Night Sweats  
  • Sleep Disruption  
  • Mood Changes 
  • Concentration Changes  
  • Memory Changes  

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Based on the information obtained during your consultation and the results of your hormone testing, a unique and individualized program is designed just for you. Specific instructions regarding medication administration are given and appropriate follow-ups are scheduled.

Additional Clinic Services we offer:

Food allergy testing

Coming soon:

Breast thermography screening – a non-radiation (and pain free) means of detecting women at risk of developing breast cancer long before the cancer has progressed to the size of being detected with traditional mammography.

Cancer risk testing – designed to detect whether you are at risk of developing cancer while measures can be instituted to PREVENT the cancer from developing. Rather than waiting until a cancer has developed and then detect it, wouldn’t you prefer to PREVENT the cancer in the first place? Stay tuned. It’s coming soon.

To learn more about hormone testing, call Markham Ontario Bioidentical Hormone Doctor, George Arnold, M.D. today to schedule your initial consultation!